Global and Local Engagement

Our Mission

Penn Engineering’s global and local service learning programs aim to improve human lives through sustainable engineering in all corners of the world. Students have used their engineering skills to provide sanitation infrastructure, prosthetic devices, computing support and meet other critical needs in areas around the world.

Our faculty and students continually challenge themselves to develop new and innovative ways of solving global engineering problems resulting from population increases and the stress it places on finite natural resources. Service Learning is a unique form of outreach, in which the individual performing the service engages not only in the act of service, but also applies knowledge gained in the classroom in a hands-on way.

Our student outcomes include:

  • Personal and interpersonal development as a scholar and world citizen
  • Understanding and applying knowledge taught in SEAS courses
  • Engagement, curiosity, and reflective practice to foster critical thinking

  • Perspective transformation and appreciation of foreign cultures derived from experiencing new contexts in which one’s world view is challenged
  • Global citizenship and committing to making positive changes

For our faculty, global service learning courses:

  • Enhance teaching by putting ideas and concepts from the classroom to real world application, and
  • Encourage scholarship and professional development through academic publications, workshops, and presentations from their service efforts abroad.

These goals are consistent with the Penn Compact 2020 vision.