Local Programs

Computer Controlled Indoor Plant Growing Environment Course

This course is intended to integrate concepts of basic physics, biology and electronics and systems engineering for the benefit of Penn Engineering students, teachers and students from two minority-centered community public schools. The course will engage the participants in the design and implementation of indoors cultivating systems using photo-voltaic technology to energize LED emulating the needed solar radiation for plant growth, a liquid nutrient distribution system, sensors/actuators capable of selecting the harvestable plants and keeping track of overall system parameters.

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Access Engineering

Access Engineering is a student-run organization that provides Philadelphia high school students with an introduction to the true experience that undergraduate engineering students have.  Many prospective students do not apply to engineering schools because they don’t know what engineering is, or have misconceptions about what it entails. Throughout the academic year, Access Engineering offers an on-campus, weekly lab-based course that acquaints students to the various majors within engineering, a programming course, and workshops that span varied topics, such as entrepreneurship or Arduino programming.

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InnoWorks, University of Pennsylvania Chapter

Penn InnoWorks is a student-run, volunteer organization that provides a free, week-long science and engineering camp for underserved middle school students in the Philadelphia area. Volunteers work to provide participants with hands-on experiences in science and engineering. This program utilizes an InnoWorks-provided curriculum, and each day covers a different theme. Each morning, participants engage in activities in order to learn important concepts about that day’s theme, and in the afternoon they participate in team missions that incorporate the various concepts that were covered earlier in the day.

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